Out of Order...

I remember when The spirit of God spoke to me your priorities are “out of order” me? Yes you! He said that’s why you find yourself anxious, overwhelmed, irritable, fearful and angry. Then i was reminded when something is out of order it breaks down ! Wow! I was often finding myself breaking down. Then it had a ripple effect and bled on to my relationships. So then I made a new list of what I like my priorities to be 1) God (self-care) 2)marriage 3)my kids 4) date nights and then I asked what about my business God? I learned that even though it wasn’t my intention I was putting my business above my priorities which is what was causing the chaos in my household and relationships. This is why I was often finding myself depleted/weary.
It’s hard ya’ll to chase dreams that were given by God and fulfill all your other responsibilities (wife, mom, leader, etc) at the same time while remaining sane, can I get an amen? But what I learned is that sometimes we birth things to soon, sooner than when God intended them to be birthed. He gives us dreams but it’s our responsibility to ask for wisdom on His timing. It’s our responsibility to ask if we are functioning in His will our our will. And if your out of order I encourage you to realign yourself with the one that sustains, strengthens, leads, equips, and gives you the grace to do the things He has called you to! His name is Jesus, Holy Spirit, God.
I say all this bc God really wants you to flourish in every season and do things with excellence. And like the quote says” you can do all things, but you can’t do them all well”. I encourage you to ask God for your priorties in this season. Realign yourself if you feel like you’ve been breaking down lately. Then walk confidently in His timing!
In this season my business (entrepreneur is resting) I am taking in the beauty that’s right in front of me. Focusing on things that have eternal value. While I write and share the words God gives me to bring hope, strength and wisdom to those around me.
Ecc 3:1 There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.

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