Motherhood a Legacy of faith!

Motherhood is rewarding and a sacrifice all at the same time. When I saw this picture today, I had a vision of my biological mom. She wanted more for my life —so she put me up for adoption at the age of 3 1/2. Crossing to the U.S would signify freedom for her in ways I didn’t understand because I was only 

3 1/2. This is the same age my daughter Xio is right now. So I often grieve because I was to little to remember how she looked, smelled, smiled, or her voice. Even though she faced hardships and faced her own demons she was a great mom and she saw something bigger and greater than my understanding. I may have many questions of why she made the choices she made, but honestly I have come to accept that She was the vessel God used to give birth to me so that I could pursue His purpose on this earth. And now I am blessed with two lil humans Xio & Cat. They are God’s helpers they help refine my ❤️ stretch me, mold me, build my character into who God wants me to become. I am becoming more of who He says I am.

Now I get to daily make decisions that will leave an eternal impact for my children. They may not understand it now but one day they will see what I saw.

Isn’t that how our Heavenly Father is with us? He sees the bigger picture, He knows the things we have to let go of, and the things we have to build courage for, He has great plans for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He is a good Father. His plan is great and prosperous and eternal. A legacy of faith is what is important to Him and it’s important to me as a mom. I want my children to say my mom’s faith is contagious.

So if your reading this don’t give up mama, keep moving forward. Keep believing in that word God gave you. Keep staying committed to your dreams and heart desires. One day at a time the vision will become clearer and you will become stronger in your faith because you stood firm to His promises. Cheering you on at a distance! 🌟🙏🏽


Reyna (Xio & Cat's mom)